07/16/2023, Joshua Elkington - Global Community Manager


Deck Nine Games and Square Enix have continued work on fixing some issues in a new patch for the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, which is now available for PlayStation, PC and Xbox. We thank you for your patience and for any reports you have sent in to us, helping us to identify these issues.

Before the Storm Remastered

Fixes for the following identified issues:

  • Clothes’ names disappearing after selecting Bonus Outfit
  • Audio issues in Drama Lab
  • Console buttons adjusting screen-size
  • Characters appearing darker in some areas
  • Max head animation bug when talking
  • Audio issues transitioning in ‘Awake’s epilogue
  • Hospital ending cinematic
  • Crashing during loading between Blackwell Campus and Drama Lab
  • Direction of Chloe’s eyes in ‘Farewell’ Episode
  • Various clippings with Max in the attic of ‘Farewell’
  • High resolution mode crashing in Episode 1

Life is Strange Remastered

Fixes for the following identified issues:

  • Max teleporting after pushing motor off the edge of the platform
  • Z-fighting on posters in Dana’s room
  • Volume being too quiet between William and Max in Episode 3
  • Direction hard to see while focusing in art gallery
  • Hang occurs in Nightmare sequence moving to Dark Room
  • Lighting issue, with lag in Nightmare sequence
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