02/01/2022, Joshua Elkington - Global Community Manager


We are thrilled to give fans new and old alike the chance to experience the first two games in the iconic Life is Strange series, Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, on new consoles with modern improvements!

Key Improvements

  • Now rendering in native 4K in Unreal 4 and Unity, with a rebuilt lighting pipeline
  • New and updated 4K-ready character models with increased polycounts
  • All character models feature more emotive and expressive animation, more natural hair physics, and updated tears, injuries, and more
  • Updated character models and environment visuals
  • All-new engine and lighting upgrades
  • Updates to some puzzle gameplay
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered      includes previously released deluxe content (bonus outfits and the      ‘Farewell’ bonus episode)
  • All licensed tracks & original scores from the original games
  • New lipsync animation throughout Life is Strange: Remastered
  • New and updated scenic materials for reflectivity and texture
  • Updated models and materials for key props

Brightness/Gamma Settings

Don't forget to adjust the games' default Gamma Settings to tweak the brightness and shadow to your taste! You can find the Gamma settings at the top of the Settings > Video Settings menu in both titles. Access Video Settings either from the main menu, or from the pause menu during gameplay.

Stores/General Entitlement Notes:

For clarity, we wanted to share some information in advance of any issues you might face when trying to download the game as part of entitlement to the Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition, or otherwise.

· Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition customers will see/be able to download the Remastered Collection games to which they are entitled once the two Remastered games are released. Because of the way console store bundles are structured, Add-Ons and bonus bundle content are not visible on-store and in a customer’s console library until they are actually released. This may have presented as being able to add the Life is Strange Remastered Collection to your store cart before release / not see the games you have purchased as part of the Ultimate Edition. Now that the games are released, you should be able to see them, ready for download. You may need to refresh or restart your console if they have not appeared automatically after 5PM GMT / 9PM PST  on February 1.

  • On PlayStation, both games are available as cross-generation compatible PS4 versions, so there is no PS5-specific version available to purchase. The PS4 version on the PlayStation store will run on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5..
  • The two games install / can be installed separately from one another, appear as separate games in your library, and are launched independently. They can only be purchased as the paired Remastered Collection - except on Stadia, where the games are available separately.
  • Do let us know through our customer support link if you are still experiencing any issues with your game entitlement: https://sqex.link/pwl

Pre-Order Zombie Crypt Chloe Outfit DLC

We have become recently aware, due to some last-minute issues, that the pre-order bonus ‘Zombie Crypt’ Outfit for Chloe is missing from the PlayStation and Stadia versions of Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered. All customers who pre-ordered the game up to 8am PST on the day of launch will receive the outfit DLC entitlement once an upcoming patch is issued, and we stress your entitlement is not affected. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience to your first experience with the game. Expect news on when to expect this patch soon.

Rest assured we are dedicated to improving the user experience of the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection post-launch through a series of patches. We thank you for any reports, helping us to identify and fix issues as quickly as possible. Do let us know through our customer support link if you are experiencing any issues: https://sqex.link/pwl

The Life is Strange Team

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