What is the product verification system?

The product verification system prevents the further wholesale trade of Steam activation keys without the user needing to agree to a license agreement, i.e. while infringing copyright.

How to activate the game using the product verification system?

In order to activate the game, place the game disc into the drive (DVD drive required) and choose autoplay or run the Redeem file located on the disc. The product verification program will launch

Enter the key found in the game box and click the Redeem button (internet connection required). The field below will display your Steam key which can be copied to the clipboard. Clicking the Install game button will begin the installation of the game. Enter the generated Steam key during installation.

Does the product verification system require the installation of additional software on the computer?

No, verification takes place once the Redeem file, located on the disc, is run and connection with the activation server is established (internet connection required). The installation of additional software is not required.

Can I install a game that uses the product verification system on a computer with no DVD drive?

A DVD drive and an internet connection are required in order to get your Steam key. If you do not have a DVD drive on your computer, you can use an external drive (connected via USB) or run the product verification on another computer with a DVD drive installed. You can then use the generated Steam key on the computer you want. In the event you cannot use any of the above solutions, please visit the Square Enix Support Centre website at, where answers to the most frequently asked questions are available. Should these not answer your query, details of telephone and web chat support are also provided. Please note phone and web chat support are available in English, French and German, Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, UK time.

Is using the product verification system required again if I re-install the game or change computers?

No, the Steam key is generated only once, it then needs to be activated in Steam so that it is assigned to your Steam account. When re-installing the game in the future, you only need to log into the same account.

I have a problem with product verification or game activation, where can I find help?

Please contact us through the customer services details provided above and have the following information ready:

  • game title
  • detailed description of the problem with a screenshot of the error message
  • photo of the activation code and proof of purchase
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