09/27/2021, Joshua Elkington - Life is Strange Community Manager


Hi all,

Once again, thank you for your patience during the launch of Life is Strange: True Colors, with a special thanks from the team for your continued help in identifying the issues some of you have faced.

Whilst we're happy to see that more of you have had your issues resolved and are now busy playing as intended, we have a new update for you regarding issues some of you are still experiencing, and when we aim to tackle them moving forward, including some firmer short term dates of when they will be delivered to you.

Please see our first update posted at launch if you haven’t already, where we go over some early patch and issue solutions not explicitly mentioned here that have been helping many users, including:

  • PlayStation: Unable to download Alex Outfit Pack or Life is Strange Hero Outfit Pack
  • PC: Outfit pack outfits cause crashes in DX12 with RTX turned on.
  • PC Visual Graphics Issues
  • Ultimate Edition Entitlement

You can find the blog here: https://sqex.link/fjam 

And as a reminder, you can add bug reports on our Reddit thread, which we are continuously tracking: https://sqex.link/ez4m

Patch #2

Available: Now
Released: September 27

Fixed Issues

All Platforms
· Chapter 2 – Jed T-Posing in Black Lantern
· Chapter 2 – Alex T-Posing with Ryan

· PS4 – Screen Turning White
· PS4 – World and Friend Stats Not Displaying

· PS5 – HDR sliders missing

· In-game links not functioning

Previous Patches  

Launch Period Patch

Available: Now

Fixed Issues

·  Changing Outfits causing crashes

· Can’t access pre-order outfits 


Patch #1

Fixed Issues


· PS5 Ray-Tracing Issue


· Xbox Series X Ray-Tracing Issue

Windows Store

· Ray-Tracing Issue


· Save file Issues

· Black Screen Issues

· Aggressive Lighting issues


· Pre-Order Outfit ownership issues


Forthcoming Patches

Patch #3

Available: Monday, Oct 4

Fixed Issues

· Instances of PS5 Framerate dropping below 30fps

· Instances of XBSX Framerate dropping below 30fps

· HDR not functioning  

Under Investigation

  • Low framerate during Steph power moment (PC)
  • Game crashing in Ch3 (PC)
  • Eleanor feat not triggering (PS5) 

As we expressed in our last update, we had hoped you would all have a flawless first-time experience with Life is Strange: True Colors, and for those of you who wish these fixes were coming sooner, we completely understand. Please know that all issues must be investigated, re-produced, and understood before fixes can be worked on (this is exactly why your reporting, information and feedback has been so helpful!)

Once issues are fixed, they still need to be tested by our QA teams to make sure they aren’t creating any unexpected new issues, then approved by the platforms, before finally bringing them to you, which is why everything unfortunately won’t be fixed in a matter of days.

In the meantime, please continue to share your information with us. In order to help us better understand certain issues, please be sure to include the following in any bug or crash reports:

  • Console/Windows OS Version:
  • Description of the issue: What were you doing in the lead up to the issue? Exactly what happened? The more detail, the better! A picture or video is really helpful.
  • Are you able to consistently reproduce the issue? [Yes / No]
  • In-Game Language/Region: (e.g. German/Germany)
  • CPU Model:
  • GPU Model:
  • RAM:

If you are crashing on PC, please consider getting in touch with Square's support team at sqex.to/support as they will potentially be able to use your DxDiag files for crash diagnosis.

We’ll be back with another update to keep you apprised of progress next week. Rest assured, we are working hard to improve your experience.

The Life is Strange Team.


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