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October 29, 2024

Life is Strange Double Exposure

Two Timelines.One Impossible Mystery.

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Life is Strange is a series of award-winning, third-person narrative adventure games. You’ll step into the shoes of an ordinary person, gifted – or cursed – with an amazing power, and rise to face extraordinary challenges.

Whether Shifting between parallel timelines, channeling the psychic power of Empathy, protecting a telekinetic younger brother, or Rewinding time, you'll uncover supernatural mysteries - and deal with dangers that are all-too-real.

Your story will intertwine with richly realized characters, vivid locations, and unforgettable emotions - and the hardest decisions are all yours to make.

No matter your choices, these stories will stay with you forever.

  • Max Caulfield reaches out a gloved hand in close-up, her face showing intense effort. Supernatural power distorts the image.
  • Alex Chen, a young woman in a jean jacket, lit by a mountain sunset. She shoots a guarded look through round red glasses.
  • A forest road, night. Sean Diaz, a teenage boy in a dark 'Wolf Squad' hoodie, reaches out his hand, wishing for a power.
  • A young Max, in pink Jane Doe t-shirt and grey hoodie, looks in disbelief - someone has just gifted her an instant camera.

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A series of thrilling supernatural mysteries to experience.

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